You’ll find the latest instructions and safety guidelines regarding the Lahti Ski Games World Cup on this page.


During Lahti Ski Games, a separate COVID-19 protocol is followed. The event participants are split into different groups (colours) according to their role. The groups will not meet each other, and everyone should follow all instruction regarding safety measures and COVID-19 testing.

At all times at the event, please follow these guidelines:

  • Get to know the safety instructions before the event.
  • Use Koronavilkku-application while in Finland. (instructions
  • A health questionnaire is required to fill in before getting the accreditation. The questionnaire follows the FIS instructions and any “YES” answer (indicating symptoms) means that the participant is not able to attend the event.
  • Keep safety distance of 2 meters to everyone.
  • In case the safety distance is compromised, wear a mask.
  • Wearing a mask is required inside the premises all the time and also outside in the areas with lots of people (e.g. mixed zone).
  • The LOC does not recommend the usage of cloth masks due to their weaker protectiveness and limited washing facilities.
  • Pay special attention to good hand hygiene. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the area.
  • Follow good hygiene while coughing and sneezing.
  • If you feel sick, isolate yourself from others immediately and do not come to the event area. Contact the event COVID-19 task force (by phone or email) and have a COVID-19 test taken according to the instructions.

Please note, the, According to Finnish Communicable Diseases Act, people who have been exposed to Covid-19 atleast 15 minutes from a close distance (less than 2m), must stay quarantined 10 days after getting exposed. This means that if you become exposed to Covid-19 in Finland, you will have to stay quarantined in Finland for 10 days (unless you are able to travel without using the public transportation). In these cases separate instructions are provided by the local health authorities.



Upon arrival to Finland, every Lahti Ski Games participant must be able to present a negative COVID-19 test result that can be at maximum 72 hours old while crossing the border. The test document is required in addition to standard travel documents, i.e. valid passport and a visa (if required). Be prepared to present your testing certificate at the border control. Make also so sure that it is uploaded to the FIS Passport system.


The LOC organizes transportation from the airport to Lahti. The event participants do not need to take a COVID-19 test at the airport, although this might be instructed for regular passengers. The LOC has agreed with the local health officials that the LOC testing procedure will replace the testing at the airport. All LOC transportation goes first to the Stadium for testing, before taking the teams/participants to the accommodation. The buses will use 50% of their transportation capacity. The sitting order at the buses will be as close as possible to the sitting order at the plane, in order to minimize the potential quarantines. Please follow the instructions while seated in the buses.

Make sure, that you familiarize yourself with the Lahti Ski Games Covid-19 instructions during your travel, if you have not done so already beforehand.


MON   14:00 – 19:00
TUE     09:00 – 19:00
WED    09:00 – night (testing is open for late arrivals)
THU    09:00 – night (testing is open for late arrivals)
FRI    09:00 – 19:00
SAT    09:00 – 18:00


Every team member/event participant must participate a COVID-19 test (antigen test) immediately after arriving to Lahti. The test is an utmost priority and must be taken before entering to accommodation.

a) The only exception to this order can be done if you are arriving after the testing point is closed. This has to be agreed beforehand with the LOC. When agreed separately, it is allowed to enter to accommodation first. The accommodation office has sent by email to you or to your team leader the necessary information concerning your accommodation. If you have booked your own accommodation, follow the instructions they have delivered. In this case, it is required to take the coronavirus test first thing in the next morning. Getting the event accreditation is not possible without the negative test result. Opening times of the testing point will be modified according to the informed arrival times in order to enable testing as quickly as possible.

b) In testing, be prepared for queuing. Go to toilet and eat/drink before testing, if necessary. Testing happens as a drive in-model for those that arrive for testing by car and they will be tested while seated in the car. Those who arrive by bus will have to step out from the bus for testing. They will be provided room for waiting at the testing area, Vesijärvi hall right next to Stadium.

NB. There will be queues at the testing point. To make the testing as smooth and quick as possible, please provide the required pre-information to the organizers by the deadline. If possible, please go to the testing point in that particular order, how you have entered the information to the file. We ask for your patience!

Testing costs are covered by the participants. The price of the antigen test is 95 euros and it is to be paid at the testing site.


a) After the testing the teams/participants are transported to their assigned accommodation by the same bus. The accommodation office has delivered the necessary information by email. If you have booked your own accommodation, follow the instructions they have delivered.

b) After the testing you will be in quarantine as long as you will receive your test result. The antigen test result is ready in 2-4- hours. During the quarantine it is NOT allowed to go to shops, supermarket, restaurant, stadium, event office etc. After getting the negative test result you will enter into the event “bubble” according to the accreditation guideline.


a) You will get your accreditation card after a negative test result. The accreditation office for red group is located close to the jumping hills. For blue, yellow and green groups the accreditation office is located at the Ski Stadium, base floor. It is preferred that in the red group the Team Manager will get accreditations for the whole team. That requires, that the paperwork concerning the test results is 100% complete in the testing situation.


a) In case of a positive antigen test result, the person is contacted by the COVID-19 task force immediately and taken to the PCR test to confirm the test result. While waiting for the test results, the person is quarantined and re-arranging the accommodation might be required. The prize for the PCR test is 195 euros, to be paid at the site of testing. The estimated timeframe for getting the PCR result is 12 hours. Based on the test result, the decision to continue or finish the quarantine is made by local health authorities.

In case the person has previously had COVID-19 infection, it will be confirmed via the certificate at the FIS passport application or the person in question can provide a certificate of the earlier infection to the doctor. The certificate will help the health authorities is evaluating the situation in case of a positive test result.



The event participants are separated to four smaller groups groups: red, blue and.

Athletes, their teams, and people who work directly with them create the group red. Yellow group consists of media. Blue group is for locals working at the event but not in close contact with the red or yellow groups. The participants must avoid close contacts between different groups. The group memberships can be identified by the accreditation card.


The red group includes international participants and local organizers.

  • Athletes and members of the teams, SRS personnel, FIS staff and other FIS officials, timing personnel
  • Local organizers: starters, judges, jury, production and technical staff and other LOC personnel who will be in contact with this group
  • Local stakeholders: attaches of each team, catering personnel etc.
  • Host Broadcaster Organisation, Infront Italy

Everyone is required to take a COVID-19 test before entering the event area and to fill in the health questionnaire. Each team will have their own accommodation, maintenance area and assigned team meal times. Follow the procedures of your own accommodation.

In the group the participants should follow these instructions:

  • Avoid all activities outside the event: special arrangements, like dining outside your own accommodation or event area, shopping, private gatherings.
  • Use a mask in public areas and all areas assigned for red group only.


Blue group consists of the event personnel, who will not work in contact with red group. COVID-19 test is not required from this group. They are required to fill in the health questionnaire before accreditation and follow the general safety measurements.


Yellow group include local and international media participants

  • TV production teams (excluding Host Broadcaster organization that belongs to the red group)
  • media attaches
  • international and local photographers, journalists and social media representatives

Yellow group participants are required to take the COVID-19 test and fill in the health questionnaire before entering the event area. They are required to follow the general safety measures and also the separate instructions on behaviour within the media areas, like mixed zone, media center and commentary positions.



A person, who has COVID-19 symptoms during the event, must obey the following instructions:
1. Isolate yourself immediately
2. Report to the Event COVID-19 task force coordinator immediately by phone
3. Move to the testing area according to the instructions you will receive on the phone.
4. Anyone who has been in contact with the symptomatic person will be asked to self-isolate until such time as the COVID-19 testing results are known
5. If the test result is positive, the healthcare authorities will give healthcare instructions for the infected.

Symptoms, which develop after the event:
1. Isolate yourself immediately and follow the instructions of Finnish institute for health and welfare:
2. Get tested for COVID-19 immediately.
3. Ensure The Event task force is notified immediately.
4. Report if there are possible contacts who might have been exposed for coronavirus.


Covid-testing site address for (LOC) volunteers:
Mehiläinen Drive-in at Great Hall Parking lot
Salpausselänkatu 7, 15210 Lahti, Finland
Covid-19 helpdesk for volunteers: tel. +358 50 339 5777 (in Finnish)

Teams and media testing inside Vesijärvi Hall (same address)
Helpdesk number +358 50 339 6780 (in English)

Email address for both languages:

Covid-19 Task Force  phone is on call 24/7 from 19th 0f January.