Elena Liseytseva  / LAMK
4.03.2018 17:07

Double victory for Germany after a dramatic ending

Watabe's 20 second head start was caught up on the halfway mark. Eight men skied rather peacefully together with no one willing to take the lead. Johannes Rydzek and Eero Hirvonen formed a gap between rest of the group on the 8.6 kilometre mark.

Hirvonen couldn't keep up with Rydzek and eventually finished fourth after Vinzez Geiger and Jørgen Grabaak caught the Finn on the home straight. Germany's Johannes Rydzek finished first and Geiger Vinzenz second. Norway's Jørgen Graabak took third place.

Text Jere Väisänen / Laajasalon opisto
Photo Elena Liseytseva  / LAMK

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