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kaksi urheilijaa Lahti Aquan vesipisteen luona Salpausselän kisoissa

Drinking water from the ridges of Salpausselkä

Lahti Aqua is the official partner of the Lahti Ski Games for the second year in a row and ensures that high-quality tap water is included in the festive games. 100 % groundwater filtered by the ridges of Salpausselkä is used as the competition water.

Lahti Aqua will build tap water points for the Lahti Ski Games in the break areas for skiers, ski jumpers and combined competitors. In addition, Lahti Aqua distributes drinking bottles to all athletes and team members, as well as representatives of the International Ski Federation FIS.

“This year, we have paid special attention to the fact that the bottles are made of recycled plastic. It’s great to be involved in implementing Lahti Ski Games’ 100 acts of responsibility in this way. In addition, we have invested in the winner’s trophy partnership, where we reward the winner with a piece of glass art that holds three liters of high-quality groundwater directly from the ridges of Salpausselkä,” says Paula Nikula, Communications Manager of Lahti Aqua Oy.

Lahti Aqua’s winning trophy partnership sport is men’s 20 km traditional skiing. For this, master glassblower Kari Alakoski from the Mafka&Alakoski glass studio in Riihimäki has blown a unique glass bottle.

“The Lahti Ski Games wants to set an example as an organizer of sustainable and responsible international sports events. The partnership model built with Lahti Aqua is closely linked to the games’ sustainability program, and the winning trophy partnership is a wonderful 100-year celebration event, which in part respects the long traditions of the Lahti Ski Games”, explains the commercial director of the Lahti Ski Games, Jari Pohjonen, about the partnership with Lahti Aqua.

Lahti Aqua Group provides water supply services to 147 000 residents and businesses in Lahti, Hollola and Iitti. In the Lahti region, tap water is 100% groundwater. Lahti’s groundwater areas are mainly located on top of the edge formation of Salpausselkä, and on its gentle ridges. The soil of Salpausselkä edge formation is ideal for filtering rainwater, which is why 100 000 cubic meters of groundwater is formed in the operating area per day.

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