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Kerttu Niskanen won the distance cup

Women’s last World Cup competition of the season served the Lahti audience a thrilling race. Six of the women were fighting for the victory. However, Norwegian Anne Kjersti Kalvaa had the best sprint, heading to the finish line 0.9 seconds before Jonna Sundling from Sweden. Third was Katharina Hennig from Germany. 

With her 5th position, Kerttu Niskanen secured the Distance Cup victory.

Men’s 20km classic style competition served no surprises, as Klæbo took home the gold medal just before his fellow Norwegian Paal Golberg. Third was William Poromaa from Sweden. 

With this win, Klæbo won 20 victories during the world cup season. Only Therese Johaug has been able to do the same before.

Riiber WOn the nordic combined individual race

 In the Nordic Combined ski jump competition, the winner was no surprise as Jarl Magnus Riiber took the first spot. He got to skiing 21 seconds before French Laurent Muhlethaler

In the skiing, Norwegian Jens Luraas Oftebro and Estonian Kristjan Ilves caught Riiber. In the end however Riiber was the strongest, finishing 1.8 before his fellow Norwegian Oftebro. Ilves was third, losing 5.2 seconds to the gold.

only one round for ski jumping

The men’s Large Hill competition, which ended the Lahti Ski Games, was only one lap long because of the tricky wind conditions. Japan’s Ryoyu Kobayashi took the win with his jump of 136.5 meters, which produced 145.9 points. Austria’s Stefan Kraft was second and Germany’s Carl Geiger was third. The best Finn in the competition was Eetu Nousiainen, who finished 16th.

All competitions received a lot of praise from the FIS and went perfectly.

Picture: Tiina Inkiläinen

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