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We wish all media representatives warmly welcome to the 96th edition of Lahti Ski Games!

Due to the covid-19 pandemic we need to operate in accordance with health safety principles and certain activities are restricted.

We follow the International Ski Federation’s (FIS) Covid-19 guidelines at the event.

FIS Covid-19 Media Quidelines

Media Accreditation

Media accreditation is now closed and the letters of approval has been sent.

Covid-19 testing protocol
Finnish journalists and journalists permanently living in Finland need to show a negative covid-19 test result, which is no more than 72 hours old when arriving in Lahti.

Those coming to the event from abroad will present a test less than 72 hours old at the border and will take the organizer’s test at the competition venue when they arrive in Lahti. This is followed by voluntary quarantine until a negative test result is received.

Without the above measure, completion of the accreditation form and a negative corona test result, accreditation will not be granted and the card will not be handed over on site. Accreditation will also not be granted during the event.

NOTE! FIS seasonal accreditation is not valid during the season 2020-2021.


TV- and multimedia rights

Infront Italy holds and manages the TV and multimedia rights for Lahti Ski Games. TV companies, radios, production and web editing companies wishing to produce video or audio material about the event should send an accreditation request to Infront Italy (Infront Sports & Media AG) at  and

Media Center

The Media Center, which is located on the indoor track level in the Grand Stand building, serves media people from Thursday to Sunday. In the Media Center there is workstations with sufficient safety distances and a wireless network.

Opening hours (preliminary)
Thursday 21.1. I 12 noon to 6 pm
Friday 22.1.  I  10 am to 9 pm
Saturday 23.1.  I   9 am to 9 pm
Sunday 24.1.  I  8 am to 8 pm

The mask should be worn in the Media Center whenever you are not sitting at your own work station. Hand sanitizer are available at the front doors and Media Info desk.

There are 52 places in the Media Center. You may place a spesific table and mark it with “post-it”.

The Media Café (located in the Media Center) serves warm soup, snacks, coffee, tea and refreshments.

Mixed Zones

Mixed Zones are available as used in both event venues Ski Jumping and Cross Country.

Media will meet the athletes only in the mixed zones.

Masks will be worn by athletes on the mixed and for the media representatives masks are also mandatory.

Between the mixed zone corridors there will be double-fencing of at least one meter distance between the athletes and journalists.

Please note, that selfie or boom stick need to be used in the mixed zone interviews.


Media meetings and winners’ interviews

There will not be any indoor media meetings or winners’ interviews.

Winners’ interviews
Post-event winners’ interviews will not be held indoors. All interviews will be conducted in the Mixed Zones, unless specifically mentioned in the live-stream interview.

Post-race comments from Top3 athletes will be distributed as audio files in FIS specific WhatsApp groups.





Due to the covid-19 pandemic situation, the number of accredited photographers may need to be limited. Accreditation is primarily granted to photographers serving photo agencies, followed by major national newspapers and industry publications.

Photo areas will be published as maps on this page closer to the event. If social distancing cannot be maintained for on-course potions, masks will need to be worn.

Exceptionally this season, photographers will not be able to enter the finish line during ceremonies. The podiums will be placed in such a way that photos of the ceremony are possible from the photo stands in the finish

Photo BIBs can be picked up on Friday from the Media Info (Media Center), 20€ deposit needed.

Photo Briefing with the map of Photo positions is available on Friday at noon 12.

Media Parking

Media Parking is located on the Fair Center (next to the Covid-19 testing center) parking lot with the M Parking permit.

Media contacts

Any questions?
Chief of Communications Soili Hirvonen, +358 400 837 583,
Chief of Media Services (during the event) Esko Hatunen +358 400 178 182