4.03.2018 15:36

Men's 15km Classic: Review

Men's 15km classic was raced on Sunday in Lahti Ski Games.

The race was a real rematch of olympic 50km classic. At 6,5km leading trio was Alexey Poltoranin, Iivo Niskanen and Alexander Bolshunov.

At the end of the Race Poltoranin was overpowered and won gold before Alexander Bolshunov who came second and Iivo Niskanen who came third. His winning time was 33:11.1.

Bolshunov started a little bit too fast and tailed off couple of kilometers before finish.

Iivo Niskanen, stressed by olympics came third after a fierce support of the home crowd. 

Team Norway's overall performance were big dissapointment for them. Emil Iverson came fourth, being their best athlete of the race.

Anssi Pentsinen who may be on his last season came 17th. Perttu Hyvärinen came 23rd, Lari Lehtonen was 26th and Matti Heikkinen came 29th.





Teksti: Matias Koivuranta/Laajasalon opisto

Kuva: Venla Vainio/Laajasalon opisto


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