10.02.2019 18:12

Photo finish brought the Nordic combined victory to Graabak

Joergen Graabak took the victory in the tight Nordic combined race. Graabak was fifth after the jumping round but he was able to catch the leaders in the cross country race. The fight for the win was between Graabak and Akito Watabe.

The Austrian Mario Seidl was the best jumper in the ski jumping round. With a 132 meter jump he was leading after the ski jumping round. Akito Watabe was the second strongest in the hill today 43 seconds after the Austrian.

In the track Watabe caught Seidl half way through. Graabak caught the first two in the last lap. Seidl was not able to fight for the victory but could secure a third place for himself.

The race was tight until the very end. In the end it was Graabak who was lucky in the photo finish.

- It’s always nice to win. I’m really happy about my performance at the hill today. At the track I just tried to go fast. I felt a lot better on the track yesterday, but I just tried to push hard. I was struggling a bit but it was a happy ending, says Graabak.

Akito Watabe was also happy about his podium place.

- It was really hard day at the hill for me today. I tried to put everything in the track today. If the track would have been longer maybe I would’ve had a chance today, says Watabe.

Seidl was happy about his third place.

- I’m really satisfied with my jump today. Cross country race was really hard for me as I was sick for two weeks. I’m really happy that I was able to be on the podium. I’m looking forward some training now and then home World Championships after that, says Seidl.


Photo: Antti Turunen

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