9.02.2019 20:00

Team Finland won Team Sprint in Nordic Combined

Saturday’s competition day of Lahti Ski Games and FIS Nordic World Cup included nordic combined team sprint competition. Winner of the whole race was team Finland I. Team Norway I took silver and Austria I was third.

Strongest teams of ski jumping part HS130 were Austria I, Japan I and Japan II. Wilhelm Denifl from Austria headed to the cross country part with margin of 19 seconds. Hideaki Nagai from Japan’s team II headed to the track 8 seconds after Japan’s team I and Yoshito Watabe.

Eero Hirvonen and Ilkka Herola from Finland were sixth after ski jumping part. Finland was one minute and 24 seconds behind Austria when Herola headed to the track.

The cross country race was tight to the final meters. Hirvonen crossed the finish line first just 0.2 seconds before team Norway and Finland got the victory in team sprint. Austria was third with margin of 3.5 seconds after Finland. There was also more dramatics at the end of the race. Anchors of Norway Team II and Japan Team I crushed and fell just before finish line.

Mario Seidl from bronze Team Austria wasn't so sure of his shape.

- The cross country race was a little surprise cause I was sick for two weeks. The race was okay and it was really exciting till the end. I was at fifth place and then there was a crush and suddenly I was third, Seidl told.

Espen Bjoernstad from silver team Norway said that the team got what they wanted and they we're really happy about that.

- Tomorrow I hope to jump a little bit better and ski fast, Bjoernstad summed up.

Winners Herola and Hirvonen were really happy of the result.

Hirvonen wasn’t so happy about his jumping.

- I was quite angry after the jumping, Hirvonen told.

Herola told that they were not confident that they could win.

- It was just full gas all the time and hoping that we will catch other teams in front, Hirvonen added.


1. Finland I (Ilkka Herola & Eero Hirvonen)

2. Norway I (Espen Bjoernstad & Joergen Graabak) + 0.2 s

3. Austria I (Wilhelm Denifl & Mario Seidl) + 3.5 s

Picture: Julia Sivén / LAMK

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