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Your ticket is also a bus ticket

Competition guests of the Lahti Ski Games can travel with their admission ticket free of charge on local buses. LSL enables guests to move around in an environmentally friendly way with the help of a code printed on the ticket. The code can be found both on school tickets and those purchased through Lippupiste.

The benefit also applies to all volunteers. A group of about a thousand volunteers is estimated to make a total of 3,000–4,000 trips.

The event ticket works as a bus ticket on all LSL’s transport routes. The right to use free public transport reduces private driving and is in line with the sustainability plan of the Lahti Ski Games.

The entrance ticket works like a mobile ticket on the phone, regardless of whether the ticket is physical or electronic. The ticket code is used in the bus reader when boarding the bus.

  • Keep the ticket carefully during the Games so that the QR code on the ticket can be read.
  • The ticket is personal and only the ticket holder can travel with it.
  • You can travel with the ticket only on the day the ticket is valid.
  • Get your ticket ready at the bus stop while waiting for the bus. If the ticket is on your phone, make sure the screen is bright enough.
  • Place the code on the ticket under the reader below the card reader.
  • If there is a platform under the reader, place the ticket on the platform. If there is no level, the distance from the reader is about 11 cm.
  • Hold the ticket in place for a few seconds until the reader beeps and the screen shows the text that the ticket was successfully read.

The sports center can be reached within a 10-minute walk by several buses, such as 4, 5, 6 and 8. You should plan your trip in advance using LSL’s journey planner. The main gate is located at the beginning of Salpausselänkatu, and with a pre-purchased ticket you can also enter the area from the end of the Veikko Kankkosen raitti from the side of Hämeenlinnantie.

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