Kotkamills, a manufacturer of food service board, has signed a collaboration agreement with Lahti Ski Games.

Food and beverages at the World Cup event will be served in cups, plates and trays made from Kotkamills’ food-safe, eco-friendly, fully recyclable and compostable board. Kotkamills has previously signed collaboration agreements emphasising sustainability with the Norwich City and HJK football clubs, the KooKoo ice hockey club, and World Cup Levi of alpine skiing.

“Sustainability is an inherent value for both collaboration parties. We are pleased that the event organisers have wanted to replace the traditional products with new, eco-friendly alternatives,” says Markku Hämäläinen, CEO of Kotkamills.

The organisers of the Lahti Ski Games have long developed the environmental aspects of the event. The new partnership will lead to a very large reduction in the major sporting event’s environmental load and the amount of plastic waste it generates.

“We have built our event purposefully and step-by-step to be more environmentally friendly. The collaboration with Kotkamills is an opportunity to take the event’s eco-friendliness and sustainability to a new level. The new partnership is a welcomed leap in significantly reducing the amount of plastic waste,” says Janne Marvaila, Secretary General of Lahti Ski Club and Operational Director of the Games.

“The Lahti Ski Games are a part of the city of Lahti’s Green Capital 2021 programme. The European Green Capital title is given annually to a city that is pioneering environmental actions, setting an example for other cities and developing innovative solutions to environmental challenges. Kotkamills’ innovative solution for reducing plastic waste is a perfect fit,” Marvaila continues.

In creating a responsible sporting event during the Covid-19 pandemic, health safety is also emphasised.

“It is important for athletes, spectators and sports fans that the event is arranged in a responsible manner. Therefore, due to the Covid-19 virus there are no ticket sales to the public this time,” Marvaila says.

The responsibility plans and actions of the event organisers have also impressed Kotkamills.

“It is precisely these kinds of actors that Kotkamills wants to support through our responsible partnership programme. Responsibility is one of our core values, and we expect it from our partners as well. Building an ecologically more sustainable operating culture is always based on collaboration, and I am pleased that several companies and Lahti Ski Games have joined forces to advance environmental sustainability,” praises Saila Kettunen, Vice President, Sustainability and Communications at Kotkamills.


About Kotkamills

Kotkamills, located in Finland, is an experienced and responsible global partner, manufacturing innovative products created from wood, a renewable natural resource. Our range of sustainable products includes food safe consumer boards, the high-quality saturating base kraft paper Absorbex®, and ecological wood products. The fully recyclable AEGLE® and ISLA® boards, produced since 2016, were complemented in 2018 with water-based dispersion barriers replacing plastics used in packaging and food service applications. All our products are environmentally friendly, recyclable and safe to use.