Lahti Ski Games offer versatile food and drink selection. Food and restaurant points are located in Lahti Hall, Fan Zone, SnowKidz area, and a hill and ski stadium.

Lahti Hall

  • Ski Café & Buffet. Comfortable indoor café and a nice buffet for the whole family.

Fan Zone

You´ll find various food points from Fan Zone:

  • Delicious Nordic Gourmet burgers, pita bread, fish dishes, hot dogs and sausage fries.
  • Traditional “Kisamakkara”, hot grilled sausage provided by Atria, will still be an important part of food selection.
  • When you’re in need of some refreshing drinks, range will be as wide as with food. You can feast for example with hot chocolate, coffee or some cold drinks.
  • Snow Kidz Café; Get some snacks,  coffee, soft drinks and cocoa. Or you can buy a sausage and grill it on a campfire – that’s fun!
  • Hot drinks from the trackside stand at Neulansilmä campfire while watching the races along the trail (From noon on Saturday).


  • Fan Zone – After ski tent and terrace
  • Monttu Bar – Mountain Bar (HS70 platform)
  • Ski Bar – The back arch of the Ski Stadium