10.02.2019 16:49

Team sprint victories to Sweden and Norway

Team Sweden and Team Norway were strong in today’s team sprint competition. Sweden’s team number one (Ida Ingemarsdotter and Maja Dahlqvist) won the women’s race and Norway’s team number one (Emil Iversen and Johannes Hoesflot Klaebo) the men’s race.

- Our technique was to be the first team on every lap, Ingemarsdotter told the press.


Norway’s team number one (Tiril Udnes Weng and Maiken Caspersen Falla) won silver and Sweden’s team number two (Evelina Settlin and Hanna Falk) won bronze.


Norway took double victory in men’s competition. Team number two (Sindre Bjoernestad Skar and Eirik Brandsdal) crossed the finish line +0.65 seconds after team number one.
Finnish team number one (Ristomatti Hakola and Iivo Niskanen) won bronze in a tight race, coming to finish only +0.06 seconds after the silver team.


Photo: LAMK / Jon Norppa

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